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Woodworm Facts and FAQ - Ask The Experts

Frequently asked questions and facts about woodworm, woodworm treatment, woodworm surveys and timber preservation.

What are the Signs of Woodworm?

Dead beetles usually found in windowsills near the attacked wood, they fly toward the light, which sometimes confuses people, as they can’t work out where they are from. This occurs mainly in May and October.

Crumbling Wood normally found on the edges of timber such as floor boards and roof trusses.

Frass – Piles of fine wood found in heaps below the infested areas almost dust like.

The most common signs to people are the holes that the adult beetle leaves as they exit the wood. These can be found in small numbers in mild cases and large numbers once the woodworm has infested an area. If left untreated this can seriously weaken timber causing structural damage.

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What are the Different Types of Woodworm Species

The most common wood boring Beetles include

The Common Furniture Beetle – What most people refer to as Woodworm

The Deathwatch Beetle – Normally found in much older properties

Powder Post Beetle – Mainly found in Chestnut, Beech and Birch wood

Should Woodworm Always be Treated?

Don't panic you house wont fall down overnight but if active woodworm is seen, then before it spreads out of control yes its best to treat the timbers in question and the surrounding wood. If you cant tell if the woodworm is active or not then book a survey.

How is Woodworm Treated?

The bulk of our treatments are carried out by using an insecticide sprayed over the wood. We spray it three times to ensure deep absorption, some companies only spray once be careful.

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What is a Typical Cost for Woodworm Treatment?

As regards cost for a woodworm treatment, it depends entirely on the property size, what exactly has to be treated and how big is the area involved.

A site survey is a must so we can judge how much if any of the infested area actually needs treatment. After all you may find you do not need any treatment whatsoever. We only treat the infested areas.

How Soon can we Return to the Property after Woodworm Treatment

Once the spraying has ceased then the householder can return to the effected area after only one hour due to the insecticide now being water based. Once its on the wood and soaked in then its safe. The recommendation from the manufacturer is one hour, unlike chemicals of old where you needed to stay away for 48hrs plus.

Is your Woodworm Treatment Safe for Pets?

Pets (dogs and cats) need to be removed from the treatment area for the whole time the treatment is being sprayed and then for one hour after the treatment has ceased.

Aquatic life like tropical fish tanks need to have their filtration system turned off and covered until one hour after the treatment has ceased.

Do you Guarantee your Woodworm Treatment?

All of our treatment carry a 20 year guarantee.

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What does a Typical Woodworm Survey Consist of?

A typical survey consists of one of our trained team visiting and checking the problem area. There they will initially assess whether its actually a live infestation or not. Advice will then be given to the best course of action and a full written no obligation quote will be provided to you giving all of the details.

Are you Insured for any Damage you may Cause to our Property?

We are insured to £5million should anything be damaged during any of our surveys or treatments. A copy of the paperwork can be sent to you prior to any site visit should you require this.

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